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I'd be in favor of being able to redirect mail that gets marked as SPAM
to a central mailbox (ie spam at


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At 16:06 20/02/2002, you wrote:
>I installed Mailscanner 3.11.1 and Command AntiVirus 4.62.4.  
>Everything goes well.  Now it's time to test with SpamAssassin.  I am 
>not running spamd/spamc.  Mailscanner calls SpamAssassin, and adds 
>{SPAM} on the subject when spam e-mails are found.  Is there a  way to 
>drop these spam e- mails rather than tag the {SPAM} and deliver to 
>users?  Thanks for any comment/suggestion.

Basically, no.

MailScanner doesn't just drop the spam as any automatic system sometimes
gets it wrong, and deleting mail that users might want is a very fast
way to annoy your users. So I just tag it, but still deliver it, leaving
the user to decide what to do with it. It is then very easy for users to
set up a filter in their email program that will, for example, move all
the tagged mail into an "Auto-Spam" folder which they just need to
briefly check once a week.
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