Which Commercial Anti-Virus?

Todd Martin todd at DECAGON.COM
Fri Feb 8 22:42:29 GMT 2002

I'm shopping for an AV package for work. I wanted to get feedback
from this list about which package to choose -- I don't have time to
evaluate them all and I can't find any competent reviews in any of
the pubs I get.

I don't intend to start a flame war, but a quick little Brand X works
great or Brand Y is a pain would be great. Here's my specs:
        30 windows PC running mostly Win98 or Win2K (MacOS, WinME, Win95).
        2 Win2K servers
        FreeBSD internet gateway with mailscanner (can run Linux binaries)

Price is somewhat an issue. I don't want to "double license" (once
for the desktop, once for the email gateway) so I need a package that
includes the unix command line application.

Central management for settings, unattended scanning, and virus def
file updates would be nice, but not absolutely necessary (most of my
30 users are trustworthy and can follow instructions).

I was considering F-Prot -- mostly due to the price. I have an
evaluation copy running; however, I don't like how my win98 box has
become sluggish. I've already heard from the list that F-Prot on
Win2K is not happiness (anybody care to confirm/deny?).

Please share your knowledge and experience 8-)


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