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Todd Martin todd at DECAGON.COM
Thu Feb 7 17:50:19 GMT 2002

Email is not the only virus infection vector...

I'm considering f-prot for the desktop
( Their site licensing is very low.

What anti-virus are you using with mailscanner? I've noticed while
shopping that it is easy to end up double licensed -- once for the
desktop, once for the email server. Don't fall into this trap.


>I'm trying to save some money by not renewing our Groupshield license
>when it expires next month.  Here is an idea for protecting my mail
>server against viruses.
>Use MailScanner to scan mail coming into and out of the organization.
>Originally I want all mail (including mail going from Exchange UserA to
>Exchange UserB) to go through this smarthost also but I can't figure out
>how.  This would prevent any viruses from entering the organization
>through mail from the outside.
>Use Outlook 2002 to block access to dangerous attachments by file
>extension for mail sent between users.  The biggest fear is a user
>picking up a virus from Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail.  This would infect their
>machine, but would keep the users from breeding the virus.  Then I would
>configure Exchange to only allow access to clients over version 10.x.x.x
>Opinions please.
>Steve Evans
>Computing Services
>SDSU Foundation
>619 594-0653

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