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Kul akaKul at QAX.ORG
Thu Feb 7 17:49:24 GMT 2002

Steve Evans wrote:

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>  The biggest fear is a user
> picking up a virus from Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail.  This would infect their
> machine, but would keep the users from breeding the virus.  Then I would
> configure Exchange to only allow access to clients over version 10.x.x.x
> something.

Use fetchmail and gotmail to collect from yahoo and hotmain respectivly, then you can check for viruses using mailscanner.  This is what I do and it works rather nicely, although ive not had any viruses from yahoo/hotmail yet :-)
And off the top of my head I beleive mailscanner does scan mail that arrive by this method !

All emails that pass through this server are being scanned
for Viruses, dangerous content and suspect files/names.
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