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Steve Evans sevans at FOUNDATION.SDSU.EDU
Thu Feb 7 17:36:27 GMT 2002

I'm trying to save some money by not renewing our Groupshield license
when it expires next month.  Here is an idea for protecting my mail
server against viruses.
Use MailScanner to scan mail coming into and out of the organization.
Originally I want all mail (including mail going from Exchange UserA to
Exchange UserB) to go through this smarthost also but I can't figure out
how.  This would prevent any viruses from entering the organization
through mail from the outside.
Use Outlook 2002 to block access to dangerous attachments by file
extension for mail sent between users.  The biggest fear is a user
picking up a virus from Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail.  This would infect their
machine, but would keep the users from breeding the virus.  Then I would
configure Exchange to only allow access to clients over version 10.x.x.x
Opinions please.

Steve Evans
Computing Services
SDSU Foundation
619 594-0653

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