Spamassassin Timeout!

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Wed Feb 6 09:23:59 GMT 2002

Quentin Campbell wrote:
> Looks like you have enabled the RBL rules in SpamAssassin that require
> lookups on the Internet and you are suffering from slow responses from
> the DNS.
> That happened at this site so I initially increased the SpamAssassin
> timeout (within the mailscanner.conf) to 20 seconds from 10 but that is
> unworkable long term on a busy site like ours. In the end I disabled the
> RBL checks and reduced the timeout to the default again and removed the
> Net::DNS stuff I had installed.

Pardon me for being thick but how do you disable the RBL checks in
spamassassin via mailscanner?

> Note that you can do RBL checking within MailScanner so do not have to
> do it within SpamAssasin. The RBL checking within MailScanner seems to
> work well since it uses the system DNS resolver rather than Net::DNS.

I believe I have RBL checking turned on in MailScanner but don't recall
seeing any evidence of it finding anything even on messages which
spamassassin says fails the rbl tests. How would I check or am I doing
something wrong?



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