Exim system filters compatibility

Ray Gardener R.A.Gardener at SHU.AC.UK
Fri Feb 1 09:40:30 GMT 2002


looks like I sent you on a false trail; the system filter made no difference
to the items hanging in the queue; I removed them from my exim configure and
the problem still occurred. Looking at the messages in the spool whenever I
remove the (tagged) subject line the problematic mail then gets delivered by

My confusion was due to the fact that tagged mail was going through before I
installed version 3.04. I assumed that this would still work under the
latest version of mailscanner and attributed the problem to the new system
filter I was implemented. Not tagging the subject line does work that is in
mailscanner.conf set

Spam Modify Subject = no

(Note that the default seems to be set to yes so simply commenting this line
out doesn't work).

I will send a copy of this note together with a largish tarred version of my
mailscanner installation directly to Nick for inspection.


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> On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 04:55:05PM -0000, Ray Gardener wrote:
> > Re: my original message below; on turning off SPAM checking in
mailscanner the filter works. Strange! Version of mailscanner is 3.04 of
exim 3.33. Is there something missing in my configuration?
> Oh, I forgot to mention. There was a bug in the header-mangling code for
> Exim that caused this symptom when messages were tagged as spam by
> It should no longer be there in 3.04, though.
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