Moving internal SMART_HOST; MailScanner is our gateway

Eric Newsom eric.newsom at THOMPSONMACHINERY.COM
Thu Dec 19 16:50:57 GMT 2002

We are relocating our computer room tomorrow to another facility across
town.  During the move, I want to hold all mail at the MailScanner gateway
without attempting delivery or bouncing the inbound email back to the
senders as our company cannot afford to miss any email.

I tried adding:

define(`confDELIVERY_MODE', `queueonly')

to m4 config and running it to update the, but mail is
delivered anyway.

Will I need to modify the sendmail/mailscanner startup scripts in init.d?
As a fairly new Linux guy, I'd really hate to screw-up those files.  Any
help given to me will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for you time!

Eric Newsom
Information Systems
Thompson Machinery

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