Moving internal SMART_HOST; MailScanner is our gateway

Spicer, Kevin KevinS at BMRB.CO.UK
Thu Dec 19 17:11:57 GMT 2002

You could kill the MailScanner process & the outgoing sendmail (mail piles up in the incoming queue) - this could make lots of work for Mailscanner when you restart it.

Change the delivery mode of Mailscanner from batch to queue only (can't remember the exact entry, check the config file) and kill the outgoing (queue running) sendmail.  Mail will pile up in the outgoing queue.  I'm pretty sure this would work - but perhaps someone else would care to agree or disagree!

Just turn off your mailscanner completely and let mail pile up at your secondary MX (you do have a secondary MX don't you?  If not your ISP may be able to help you)

Is your company working tomorrow? - if so don't forget this will delay outgoing mail too.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Eric Newsom [mailto:eric.newsom at THOMPSONMACHINERY.COM]
> Sent: 19 December 2002 16:51
> Subject: Moving internal SMART_HOST; MailScanner is our gateway
> We are relocating our computer room tomorrow to another 
> facility across
> town.  During the move, I want to hold all mail at the 
> MailScanner gateway
> without attempting delivery or bouncing the inbound email back to the
> senders as our company cannot afford to miss any email.
> I tried adding:
> define(`confDELIVERY_MODE', `queueonly')
> to m4 config and running it to update the, but mail is
> delivered anyway.
> Will I need to modify the sendmail/mailscanner startup 
> scripts in init.d?
> As a fairly new Linux guy, I'd really hate to screw-up those 
> files.  Any
> help given to me will be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks for you time!
> Eric Newsom
> Information Systems
> Thompson Machinery

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