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Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Dec 16 23:16:43 GMT 2002

At 23:13 16/12/2002, you wrote:
>basically I upload the Linux version of Sophos to the box untar it to a
>directory and then from that directory run /usr/sbin/Sophos.install it does
>its stuff
>but when I try a test and run /usr/local/Sophos/bin/sweep I get this back
>[root sav-install]# /usr/local/Sophos/bin/sweep
>/usr/local/Sophos/bin/sweep: error in loading shared libraries:
> cannot open shared object file: No such file or direct
>anybody else had this and fixed it?

That's because the MailScanner Sophos.install script installs it so that it
can run it using the sophos-wrapper script, which sets a couple of
environment variables before running sweep itself:

export SAV_IDE
(where $PackageDir is /usr/local/Sophos)
Julian Field
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