Sophos Install

Gavin Nelmes-Crocker gavin at NETERGY.COM
Mon Dec 16 23:13:05 GMT 2002


In some ways this might not be the right forum for this question but as I
have installed it fine on another box not using the sophos installer with
Mailscanner and it worked I'm assuming that there is a problem somewhere
either in what I am doing or how I am using the Mailscanner Sophos installer

basically I upload the Linux version of Sophos to the box untar it to a
directory and then from that directory run /usr/sbin/Sophos.install it does
its stuff

but when I try a test and run /usr/local/Sophos/bin/sweep I get this back

[root sav-install]# /usr/local/Sophos/bin/sweep
/usr/local/Sophos/bin/sweep: error in loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or direct

anybody else had this and fixed it?


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