MailScanner 4.10-1 removes the first 2 characters of a messag e

Randy Herban RHerban at GRAMTEL.NET
Fri Dec 13 14:45:51 GMT 2002

Now, is it just me or is it kinda ironic that this last message, about chars
being trimmed off, had the first 2 chars trimmed off :o)

Yes, this proves I was up WAY too early this morning fighting fires


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ps! Must have missed that one, sorry!


Julian Field wrote:

> This has been fixed for the next release, as mentioned earlier today.
> At 14:32 13/12/2002, you wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I seem to be having a slight problem with MailScanner 4.10-1 on
>> RedHat 7.3 running with Exim 3.33. When sending messages, the first 2
>> characters are removed from the message UNLESS I enter two or more
>> blank lines at the top. Has anyone else seen this problem or is it
>> just me???!!! :)
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> Julian Field
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