SuSE users?

Alberto García Fumero alberto at CIED.RIMED.CU
Thu Dec 12 21:11:10 GMT 2002

El Thursday 12 December 2002 15:40, usted escribió:
> The SuSE package appears to work okay, but if you could download it from
> and test it for me, I would appreciate it. Should work
> on 8.0 or later. It will have big problems with 7.x.

I understand there were major changes on SuSE 8.0 in order to conform to LSB.
I have warned not to upgrade, but rather make a fresh installation, plus 
tinkering if necessitty arises.
As I have not yet received the new workstation my boss told me about, maybe I 
should wait a little more before upgrading... ;-))
Thanks anyway for all your work.
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