SuSE users?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Dec 12 20:40:57 GMT 2002

The SuSE package appears to work okay, but if you could download it from and test it for me, I would appreciate it. Should work 
on 8.0 or later. It will have big problems with 7.x.

At 21:30 12/12/2002, you wrote:
>El Saturday 30 November 2002 10:22, usted escribió:
> > Would anyone like to help test the SuSE package of MailScanner please?
>Excuse me if I do not read these messages more often.
>Just today I noticed this one.
>I am a SuSE user.
>Just tell me what to do.
>MSc. Alberto García Fumero
>Centro de Información para la Educación
>Ministerio de Educación
>Usuario Linux No. 97 138
>¿Windows? No, gracias! No apruebo el IVA (Impuesto al Virus Agregado)
>Este mensaje ha sido analizado por MailScanner
>en el CIED en busca de virus y otros contenidos peligrosos,
>y se considera que está limpio.

Julian Field
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