Spam List /Spam Domain List, quarantine tagging

Matthijs Althoff scouty at BROMBERG.DEMON.NL
Thu Dec 12 09:01:50 GMT 2002

Hello Bellow a a few questions

spam listst / spam domains

Hello I'm a little confused on what is spam list (dnsbl)
and what is spam domain (domain rbl) ?? below a list from
rblcheck with lists I'm using at this moment..

$ rblcheck -l         (dnsbl)  (domain)  (??)    (dnsbl)   (??)    (dnsbl)    (??)   (??)   (??)   (??)   (??)   (??)   (domain)  (??)   (??)  (??)  (dnsbl)  (??)  (??)  (??)  (??)
etc cluecentral lists....

tagging quarantine

Just noticed that there is no spam tag added
when mail is send to the /quarantine-map/spam
is this right could not find a seperate
option in mail-scanner.conf.

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