Autoupdate cron jobs

Peter Nitschke email at
Fri Dec 6 12:56:53 GMT 2002

As an aside, is once a day enough these days?

I was lucky with Klez, my daily cron updated F-prot between when they
released the update and when it first hit here.  But one of my clients got
hit from another email account even though he has a 24/7 connect and
Nortons updating every 4 hours.

At that point, I decided to run the update every hour and feel much


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On 5/12/2002 at 12:28 PM Dawes, Stephen wrote:

>Perhaps the way to go is:
>1. to take your suggestion #1, a script for each of the supported AV
>2. keep them in, hmmm I don't know, AVUpdates directory in the
>MailScanner tree.
>3. Move the appropriate auto update scripts into cron.daily, based on
>the AV scanners that are identified in MailScanner.conf as part of the
>start process for MailScanner. This would, of course, run each time you
>start MailScanner.
>The advantage to my idea, is that then the MailScanner user identifies
>their AV application to MailScanner in one place and the application
>takes care of the rest, as is the intention, or at least that is how I
>am perceiving it. Better yet, have a script called something like
>MailScanner-AV-Update that is placed in cron.daily that reads
>MailScanner.conf to see which of the auto update scripts it needs to
>run, and then it runs them.

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