Outgoing mail problems

Thomas DuVally thomas_duvally at BROWN.EDU
Thu Dec 5 22:00:07 GMT 2002

OK, I've confirmed that mailscanner scans all the files, and added to
Mail.pm a line to log how mamny messages it is attempting to deliver
(via sendmail)

For some reason, one particular file (the largest in a set) will fail to
be called for delivery by mailscanner, but not always, and not always
the same file, just the largest.

Is it possible mailscanner is calling for delivery only those files that
are ready, and missing some that aren't quite, possible still being
written to disk?  Then it never gets a chance to see that it was done?

On Thu, 2002-12-05 at 16:07, Thomas DuVally wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-12-05 at 06:48, Julian Field wrote:
> > MailScanner is not involved in the delivery of mail at all, except for
> > telling sendmail to try delivering messages it has scanned (when using
> > "Delivery Method = batch").
> >
> > Once the messages are in /var/spool/mqueue, they are sendmail's problem,
> > not MailScanner's.
> >
> >
> Right, but how are we sure that mailscanner is telling sendmail about
> them all?  I've been noticing in v4.10-1 that occasionally one or two
> messages (out of 100) are getting left in the outgoing queue, and they
> are all local delivery that sendmail has not even attempted yet.  The
> logs don't show sendmail knowing anything about them.
> I run a couple of cleanup scripts that will eventually attempt to
> deliver them, but I think they got forgotten, rather than defered.
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