Outgoing mail problems

Francis Crossen francis at CROSSEN.ORG
Thu Dec 5 09:47:08 GMT 2002

On 3 Dec 2002 at 0:00, Automatic digest processor wrote:
> I've just set-up MailScanner 4.05-3 from RPM on a RH8 box running
> Sendmail and F-prot (Dual P3 1GHz., 768Mb RAM). Load is really
light -
> no more than a few hundred e-mails a day at the mo. Incoming mail
> seems to be perfect - 100% success. Problem is that some outgoing
> e-mails get sent OK through the system - others seem to disappear
> a queue and not get sent at all. Can anybody suggest what might be
> wrong ?

The default RedHat setup (for 7.x anyway) has relaying disabled by

Find /etc/sendmail.mc or /etc/mail/sendmail.cf (depending on where it
is in a RH8 box).

You need to comment out (prefix 'dnl ') to the four line below (I've
left the comment in):

dnl This changes sendmail to only listen on the loopback device
dnl and not on any other network devices. Comment this out if you
dnl to accept email over the network.
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')

Then run it through m4 to create your new sendmail.cf file.


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