DansGuardian Anti-Virus Plugin Patch Available (based off the MailScanner!)

James A. Pattie james at PCXPERIENCE.COM
Thu Aug 8 18:18:50 IST 2002

Richard D Alloway wrote:
> I'm not familiar with how MailScanner/SpamAssassin/DansGuardian work
> internally, but how about taking the score returned by SpamAssassin and
> use DG to increase the score (SAHits?) based on the content of the
> message?
> If DG finds that the content is not appropriate, then increase the score
> by, say, 100 and configure MailScanner's High Score to 99 and High Score
> Action to delete.
That's one possibility (I didn't even think about).  I was planning to
make it be a toggle.  either you don't allow the email at all, if
innapropriate content is found, or you allow it and sanitize it (replace
bad words with *'s, etc.) or just allow it but set some sort of header,
etc.  Also, I was thinking about having an email be sent to the admin or
some defined person with either a copy of the email or the pertinent
info so they can potentially talk to the sender, if needed by the
companies policies, etc.

> Just my $0.02 :)
> -Rich

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