f-prot linux workstation version

Kurt Yoder kylist at SHCORP.COM
Mon Apr 22 19:41:08 IST 2002

Hello list

I just bought f-prot antivirus scanner for linux workstation. It was 80$,
and no "per-mailbox protected" licensing schemes as with mcafee/sophos. It
appears to be working fine so far; it caught both a zipped eicar test string
and a double-zipped eicar test string. Mailscanner seems to think f-secure
is beta, so I had to tell mailscanner.conf to accept beta in order for it to

Anyway, this is not OT because:

1. I wanted to let people know f-secure works and is *cheap*, especially for
thousands of users/mailboxes

2. the author states in the mailscanner.conf that he wants to know if anyone
is using it successfully: I am...

(no, I do not work for F-Prot)

Kurt Yoder
Sport & Health network administrator

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