f-prot linux workstation version

Wolfgang Lumpp wolfgang.lumpp at GMX.NET
Mon Apr 22 19:10:00 IST 2002

> Anyway, this is not OT because:
> 1. I wanted to let people know f-secure works and is *cheap*,
> especially for thousands of users/mailboxes
and also non-commercial users ;-)
> 2. the author states in the mailscanner.conf that he wants to know if
> anyone is using it successfully: I am...
f-prot is running here for appr. 3 weeks without problems.
First I've tried with AVP from kaspersky, but the actual version with
kavscanner or deamon want work.
Don't know why at the moment, need a little bit more time to check.
But later on, I will use mailscanner with kavdaemon/client on our main
mailgateway at work. And for this, the AVP have to work.
Probably someone has the AVP running together with mailscanner?


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