Inline Text/HTML Warning

Jason Summers jason at MED-WEB.COM
Mon Apr 22 18:16:05 IST 2002

Kai Wang wrote:
> We are using multiple lines "Inline Text Warning". It is not visible
> sometimes.
> ...
> --B08zV50ZceAdh711C0J4008
> Content-Type: application/octet-stream;
>         name=text.htm
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
> Content-ID: <Chc6d36BMzVF012V86>

I think this may be the "Malformed attachments" problem I reported a few
days ago. It's hard to tell for sure because your message was HTML-ized,
but the blank line after the last "--B08zV50ZceAdh711C0J4008" boundary
should *not* be there.

What email client(s) are you using? Some email clients (Outlook Express)
seem to still display the warning message, but in most others, the last
(malformed) attachment takes precedence over it. The last attachment is
apparently a harmless file added by the Klez virus.

I have the problem at least when using MIME-tools 5.411. I haven't yet
tried the latest "bleeding-edge" version 5.503.

Jason Summers

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