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Michael Forrest michael at ERG.ABDN.AC.UK
Mon Sep 3 14:15:26 IST 2001

Are you defining interception as the mailscanner software would delete the
email and would not be delivered to the user?

I'm personally in favour of the subject line tagging and/or mail header
field, since it places the onus on the individual user to configure their
mail tool to either filter off or just delete the email in question...



> Flagging a subject line in order to make a spam message more identifiable
> may prove helpful if additional utilities are utilized to control message
> delivery.
> My proposal has more to do with utilizing MailScanner to intercept "junk
> mail" in order to manage e-mail volume and more importantly reduce the size
> of the target that solicitors and other such vermin consider educational
> institutions to be.  I am of the opinion that this is a function more
> appropriately performed at the MTA rather than the client (i.e. outlook).
> The invasiveness of this proposal may be considered irrelevant due to the
> fact that the mail targeted for  interception is that which is uninvited,
> unwanted and a non-productive use of educational IS resources.
> Thanks for your earlier reply.
> At 09:59 AM 9/3/01 +0100, you wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Would a configuration option such as "subject-munge" be desirable? This
>> would place at the start of the subject line text of your choice, e.g.
>> "{SPAM?} " if the message is potentially spam (and hence has an
>> X-Mailscanner-Spam" header, or whatever it's called).
>> The rational behind this is that filtering on non-standard headers isn't
>> that easy and particularly for many of our users using Outlook Express
>> filtering on Subject line would be much more simple.
>> Or perhaps it might be considered a bit too "invasive"?
>> Cheers, Steve
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