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Julian Field jkf at
Mon Sep 3 15:27:11 IST 2001

At 09:59 am 03/09/2001, you wrote:
>Would a configuration option such as "subject-munge" be desirable? This
>would place at the start of the subject line text of your choice, e.g.
>"{SPAM?} " if the message is potentially spam (and hence has an
>X-Mailscanner-Spam" header, or whatever it's called).
>The rational behind this is that filtering on non-standard headers isn't
>that easy and particularly for many of our users using Outlook Express
>filtering on Subject line would be much more simple.


There will be 2 new configuration variables:
         Modify Subject = yes or no (or 1 or 0 or true or false or....)
         Subject Text = {SPAM?}

If you set "modify subject" positive, then the text in "subject text" will
be put on the front of the subject line of the message (followed by a
single space, so it looks nice).

That sound okay for everyone?
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