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Syshelp syshelp at SOTON.AC.UK
Mon Sep 3 14:12:17 IST 2001

On Mon, 3 Sep 2001, Vance Baker wrote:

> My proposal has more to do with utilizing MailScanner to intercept "junk
> mail" in order to manage e-mail volume and more importantly reduce the size
> of the target that solicitors and other such vermin consider educational
> institutions to be.  I am of the opinion that this is a function more
> appropriately performed at the MTA rather than the client (i.e. outlook).

This would be pretty simple in sendmail.  You'd add a header definition
line which redirected to a rule set which in turn bounced the email,
something like:

HX-ECS-SpamCheck $>bounce_spam

$+      $#error $@5.7.1 $: This message may be spam

I haven't tested that in any way, but it should be pretty close.  If you
want to filter the junk mail into a different place you could always
define an alternative mailer and use that instead of $#error.

We've chosen not to do this, we feel that dealing with spam is the
choice of the end user, however we do want to provide tools to make this
easier for them.

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