Version 2.52-1 released

Greg Boehnlein damin at NACS.NET
Thu Oct 11 18:55:15 IST 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Julian Field wrote:

> I have seen this problem myself this morning, though I don't yet know why.
> The last thing in my log was "Going to scan 1 message", but, as you also
> say, the mailscanner process was still alive, just not doing anything. I
> hope to have time to wade through the code myself tomorrow, I need to add
> more debugging info to it as I cannot yet see why it would just hang. As
> far as I know at the moment, there's no reason for any particular bit of
> the code to just not terminate. Restarting it with exactly the same message
> queue solves the problem, so it can't be anything caused by a particular
> message. What I'm wondering is whether there are bugs in the implementation
> of POSIX process group code that I now use (which I didn't before the
> latest version). This was the only way of avoiding a timeout-failing
> problem with one user of Solaris 2.7.
> If you see this problem a lot, back off to 2.51 (it's still on the web
> site, there just aren't any links to it) and see how you get on.

Speaking of debugging capabilities...

I've tried running mailscanner in debug mode a couple of times to see if I
can debug some of my issues. Is it supposed to log the debug messages to
syslog or the console?

Also, to get mailscanner working properly, I've had to make a couple of
minor config changes to some files, hard-coding in the
/usr/local/MailScanner directory. It seems that for some reason the config
file isn't read in. Here is what I changed:

In $prefix = '/usr/local/MailScanner';

There seem to be some directories in some of the files that point to
"/opt" locations, which makes MailScanner fail to run properly.

Also, the RPM still references making the changes to the file,
and the sohpos install script still tells people to add /usr/local/Sophos
to /etc/profile and

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