Version 2.52-1 released

Deanne Palmer dpalmer at SKIDMORE.EDU
Thu Oct 11 19:44:53 IST 2001

Afraid we had to back off to 2.51.  Mailscanner was dying periodically -
although I'm not certain that check_mailscanner wasn't precipitating the
problem.  MailScanner's been running fine since we reverted back to the
prior release - still have 'check_mailscanner' cron.

Julian Field wrote:
> At 14:59 11/10/2001, you wrote:
> >However, twice within the past 24 hours, mailscanner has become hung.
> >It's still running, but nothing is passing out of The last
> >time it looks like it restarted at midnight, but never processed
> >anything after that.
> >When I came in this morning there were over 7000 messages waiting in
> > and only 70 in mqueue.
> >I killed mailscanner and ran check_mailscanner to restart.  Everything
> >is moving right along now, although it will probably take a few hours to
> >catch up.  This is running on an E250 Solaris 8.
> >Plenty of disk space available all around.  Non-default options in the
> >config : Deliver Method = queue rather than 'batch',  Notify Senders=
> >no,  Notify Postmaster = no,
> >Deliver in Background = yes.
> >   Any ideas regarding why mailscanner seems to be getting hung up?
> >Anyone else having this problem?
> I have seen this problem myself this morning, though I don't yet know why.
> The last thing in my log was "Going to scan 1 message", but, as you also
> say, the mailscanner process was still alive, just not doing anything. I
> hope to have time to wade through the code myself tomorrow, I need to add
> more debugging info to it as I cannot yet see why it would just hang. As
> far as I know at the moment, there's no reason for any particular bit of
> the code to just not terminate. Restarting it with exactly the same message
> queue solves the problem, so it can't be anything caused by a particular
> message. What I'm wondering is whether there are bugs in the implementation
> of POSIX process group code that I now use (which I didn't before the
> latest version). This was the only way of avoiding a timeout-failing
> problem with one user of Solaris 2.7.
> If you see this problem a lot, back off to 2.51 (it's still on the web
> site, there just aren't any links to it) and see how you get on.
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