Version 2.52-1 released

Julian Field jkf at
Thu Oct 11 17:31:26 IST 2001

At 14:59 11/10/2001, you wrote:
>However, twice within the past 24 hours, mailscanner has become hung.
>It's still running, but nothing is passing out of The last
>time it looks like it restarted at midnight, but never processed
>anything after that.
>When I came in this morning there were over 7000 messages waiting in
> and only 70 in mqueue.
>I killed mailscanner and ran check_mailscanner to restart.  Everything
>is moving right along now, although it will probably take a few hours to
>catch up.  This is running on an E250 Solaris 8.
>Plenty of disk space available all around.  Non-default options in the
>config : Deliver Method = queue rather than 'batch',  Notify Senders=
>no,  Notify Postmaster = no,
>Deliver in Background = yes.
>   Any ideas regarding why mailscanner seems to be getting hung up?
>Anyone else having this problem?

I have seen this problem myself this morning, though I don't yet know why.
The last thing in my log was "Going to scan 1 message", but, as you also
say, the mailscanner process was still alive, just not doing anything. I
hope to have time to wade through the code myself tomorrow, I need to add
more debugging info to it as I cannot yet see why it would just hang. As
far as I know at the moment, there's no reason for any particular bit of
the code to just not terminate. Restarting it with exactly the same message
queue solves the problem, so it can't be anything caused by a particular
message. What I'm wondering is whether there are bugs in the implementation
of POSIX process group code that I now use (which I didn't before the
latest version). This was the only way of avoiding a timeout-failing
problem with one user of Solaris 2.7.

If you see this problem a lot, back off to 2.51 (it's still on the web
site, there just aren't any links to it) and see how you get on.
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