Version 2.52-1 released

Deanne Palmer dpalmer at SKIDMORE.EDU
Thu Oct 11 14:59:24 IST 2001

I upgraded to release 2.52-1 yesterday morning and love the new
features.  We're using the 'Deliver in Background' feature and it
appears to be working very well.
I also added check_mailscanner to the crontasks yesterday (every 20

However, twice within the past 24 hours, mailscanner has become hung.
It's still running, but nothing is passing out of The last
time it looks like it restarted at midnight, but never processed
anything after that.
When I came in this morning there were over 7000 messages waiting in and only 70 in mqueue.
I killed mailscanner and ran check_mailscanner to restart.  Everything
is moving right along now, although it will probably take a few hours to
catch up.  This is running on an E250 Solaris 8.
Plenty of disk space available all around.  Non-default options in the
config : Deliver Method = queue rather than 'batch',  Notify Senders=
no,  Notify Postmaster = no,
Deliver in Background = yes.
  Any ideas regarding why mailscanner seems to be getting hung up?
Anyone else having this problem?
            - Deanne

Julian Field wrote:
> I have just released 2.52-1.
> The new things are pretty much what I have already said on the web site, ie.
>          - "Deliver In Background" configuration switch to avoid having to
> wait for sendmail processes to complete
>          - Fixed remaining timeout bugs with Solaris 7
>          - Removed all traces of files from the Linux distribution
> Downloadable, as per usual from the web site at
> Jules.
> --
> Julian Field                Teaching Systems Manager
> jkf at         Dept. of Electronics & Computer Science
> Tel. 023 8059 2817          University of Southampton
>                              Southampton SO17 1BJ


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