Antwort: mailscanner not functions correctly

Stephan Effertz s.effertz at JOLA.DE
Thu Nov 8 12:21:08 GMT 2001

Hi Boris,

looks like your sendmail doesn't put all messages into your
without further processing.

If you stop mailscanner all incoming messages should be stored in
/var/spool/ (or wherever you put them) - without further
processing. I suppose they do not. So I think you should check your
sendmail script in /etc/init.d/ . Make sure that sendmail does work in
queueonly - mode and puts all incoming messages in /var/spool/
(Notice the .IN) - NOT /var/spool/mqueue. mailscanner will move your
message to /var/spool/mqueue after scanning them (Ok, it doesn't really
move - it symlinks  :-)

best regards,

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