McAfee autoupdate script error in version 2.60-2

Tan Siew Wu siewwu.tan at EDGEMATRIX.COM
Thu Nov 8 18:23:45 GMT 2001

Hi all,
Just downloaded and installed version 2.60-2 and I am using McAfee.
Noticed a few errors in the mcafee autoupdate scripts.

my($mcafeeroot) = '/usr/local/mcafee/';
my($DATlink) = "$mcafeeroot/dat/";
my($DATdir) = "$mcafeeroot/" . sprintf("%04d%02d%02d", $year, $month,
open(MCAFEETEST, "$mcafee -d $DATdir | ");
print "DATdir\n";

1) The trailing "/" for $mcafeeroot caused "//" in $DATlink and $DATdir.
2) The trailing "/" for $DATlink caused unlink and symlink to fail at the
last part of the script.
3) suggest "--version" at testing as it give more meaning output
4) Missing "$" on the last print statement

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