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Michael Chaney mdchaney at MICHAELCHANEY.COM
Mon Dec 17 22:11:05 GMT 2001

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 07:04:04PM +0000, Rajesh Fowkar wrote:
> Julian Field saw fit to inform me that:
> >At 23:23 16/12/2001, you wrote:
> >>-------------------------------------------------------------
> >>/usr/sbin/exim -bd
> >>/usr/sbin/exim -C /etc/exim_outgoing.conf -bd -q15m
> >>/usr/local/MailScanner/bin/check_mailscanner >/dev/null
> >>-------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> >I'm not an Exim user, but if that was sendmail there shouldn't be 2 "-bd"
> >lines above, only 1. In sendmail the 2nd one shouldn't have "-bd".
> >
> >Check the Exim installation instructions again, to be sure you are doing
> >this bit right.
> Sorry Julian. My mistake. Yes -bd is not required for second exim process.
> But even after removing it and restarting mailscanner and exim my problem
> still remains.
> The mail which I have sent is scanned in /var/spool/exim_incoming/input and
> than put in /var/spool/exim/input. But mailq does not show anything and I
> cannot send mail.
> Now I am sending this mail by stopping mailscanner and just starting plain
> exim.
> What else could be wrong ?

mailq probably won't work, anyway.  If you have your system configured
correctly and mailq is pointing to Exim, then it's still going to hit
the default config file and look in /var/spool/exim_incoming/input.  You
can probably use
mailq -C /etc/exim_outgoing.conf
exim -C /etc/exim_outgoing.conf -bp
to view the queue.

Michael Darrin Chaney
mdchaney at

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