Cost of Virus Scanner!

Clint Fast cfast at ALLIEDBUILDING.COM
Wed Dec 12 17:47:17 GMT 2001

I have talked directly with Sophos on this myself, and received a quote
from them on the SAVI, the "classic" desktops (which include SAVI), and
the Mailmonitor (which includes SAVI and the desktops and the
mailmonitor app).

I explained to them EXACTLY what my intentions were, and he stated that
I would only need the SAVI license, as my needs are for only scanning on
the mailserver, not at the desktop as well (we have other apps for
that).  I'm looking at a 500 user license, and I though the prices were
quite reasonable.  But, I do agree that a 5-user license probably
wouldn't rate well on their scale.

If you're planning on using mailscanner, as I do, then you only really
need the SAVI license.  If you want the desktops to have virus
coverage/software on them as well, then you'll need the "classic"
desktop version (which still includes the SAVI).  If you don't want to
use mailscanner, then you need MailMonitor for SMTP.  But, we all like
mailscanner best now don't we? :)

It's hard (for any company) to base their pricing on the number of
mailboxes that you protect because licensing in that area is hard to
check for.   It's an ethical question when it comes to "proper"
licensing on the scanning.  If you're scanning for 1200 mailboxes, then
they say you need a 1200 user license.  But we all know that a 1-user
license will do the trick.

I tried McAfee's uvscan on this server (with mailscanner).  It failed
too much.  The sophos anti-virus has worked flawlessly for me so far,
and I'm looking forward to purchasing the licenses for that sophos as
the reliability is high.

I also look forward to help improving the mailscanner code itself, not
just to use other scanner's, but for other features as well.

--Clint Fast.

Nick Phillips wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 01:25:50PM +0000, Carl Hogue wrote:
> > I asked my local distributor about the price of a 5-user "Classic" license
> > but he said he's never heard of it.  Would that be a 5-user SAV license?
> Yes, basically. There are now several different licenses that cover use of SAV
> on desktops. The "classic" is the bog-standard old one, whilst the
> "Enterprise" includes MailMonitor (their email gateway scanner thing).
> There are more, but I won't bore you with the details.
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