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Stephan Effertz s.effertz at JOLA.DE
Wed Dec 12 13:40:09 GMT 2001

I've had the same problem with SuSE 6.4 running sendmail 8.9.x   (Not sure
about the exact version).
After installing the sendmail.rpm from SuSE 7.0  (sendmail 8.11.x -
available as update for SuSE 7.0 - ) the error went away. Additionally
I've added file locking to mailscanner.conf (flock). Looks like sendmail
8.9 releases file locks while receiving mails before they are completed.
So mailscanner "grabs" these files and sendmail come's up with the file
re-open error.

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        Thema:  Message size query

Hi people,

I was wondering if anybody can tell me what the maximum size I should
expect to be able to put through mailscanner? I've tried altering the Max
Safe/Unsafe size, TNEF expander, and the various time outs, but the
maximum (uuencoded) size of message that I can send seems to be
just short of 20Mb, which is a bit on the small side for my purposes. (If
I'm just using sendmail, then my limit is 900Mb (as set in my ) So I was wondering anybody knew if this was the limit,
and if not anything I need to set to get it to go higher?

If it helps then I'm running SuSE (with parts ranging from SuSe 6.3-7.2),
with sendmail V8.9.3 and using Sophos. I can recieve, the 20Mb with
sendmail, but then I get an error in the logs saying "cannot reopen
XXXXXX", and the user's connection times out


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