Goner-A problems

Tim Lyons tlyons at DIGITALVOODOO.ORG
Wed Dec 5 17:34:05 GMT 2001


I have been catching it here on a RH7.1 box.
Not local right at the moment and don't have time to check versions - will
do it later - sorry.


On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Julian Field wrote:

> Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 17:16:43 +0000
> From: Julian Field <jkf at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK>
> Reply-To: MailScanner mailing list <MAILSCANNER at JISCMAIL.AC.UK>
> Subject: Goner-A problems
> MailScanner seems to be having some problems catching the Goner-A virus. On
> my systems it appears to miss it, so presumably the MIME decoding is
> failing to work properly on it.
> Until I manage to find the cause and publish the fix, I strongly advise you
> to warn your users about this problem.
> Sorry about this, it's the first time it has happened and I will try to
> find a fix as fast as I can. Anyone else who wants to join the bug hunt is
> welcome to try too! I have already contacted the author of the MIME-tools
> module to see if he responds with any ideas.
> Sorry again folks :-(
> If you have managed to catch it, I would be very interested to hear exactly
> what versions of the MIME-tools module you are using. It may be a bug only
> present in some versions.
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