Goner-A problems

Tom Tilmant tom at TILMANT.COM
Thu Dec 6 03:29:45 GMT 2001


I am using RH7.1 and have had no issues with the goner virus.

Occuring to the sophoswrapper command, I recieved the update at 7:38 12/4:

Data file name            : /usr/local/Sophos/ide/goner-a.ide
Data file type            : IDE
Data file date            : 04 December 2001, 07:38:17
Data file status          : Loaded

So, it appears that mailscanner/Sophos were working fine for me :-).


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At 17:32 05/12/2001, you wrote:
>Perhaps upgrading TNEF would fix this problem?
>  v1.1 is out.

It's not TNEF encoded (the copies I'm seeing aren't anyway).
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