MailScanner release 2.41

Julian Field jkf at
Thu Aug 30 15:24:23 IST 2001

This is to announce release version 2.41 of MailScanner.

There is only 1 new feature this time: better handling of email headers
when a message passes through multiple MailScanners. The default behaviour
is now to append to any existing MailScanner header, rather than to add
another copy of the header (which is what it used to do).

This is configurable, via use of the "Multiple Headers" configuration
parameter, which may have any of the values
         add ==> add another header, like MailScanner used to
         append ==> (the default) append to an existing MailScanner header
if there is one, else add a new one
         replace ==> (strongly advised against!) replace any existing
MailScanner header with the new data

It's all up on the web site at its usual address:

(Please note this release also corrects the possibly corrupt "tnef" binary
problem highlighted yesterday)
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