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Fri Feb 9 06:28:47 UTC 2024

Hi, Can anyone provide some notes on adding rbldnsd zones to unbound?

I have been having trouble running bind and rbldnsd on the same server, so
thought I would try unbound.   The notes I have so far found for both
rbldnsd and unbound are scarce and I haven't found anything useful about
the two together.

My rbldnsd is working well on a separate server to bind, but I would like
to delete a server.   I think it's updated security on recent bind versions
that is the problem,

Any help or pointers appreciated.

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On 16/02/2015 at 1:56 PM C. Jon Larsen wrote:

>> Also, Is there a way to create your own on-server URIBL, that way as
>> soon as an email comes in with a URL that was not detected by the
>> official URIBL, I could create a small program to add it locally?
>yes, you can install the rbldnsd package and serve your own uri dbls right

>out of it via a simple text file. Setup SA rules to query it, and you are 
>set. We use unbound dns caches to lessen the dns query load so another 
>step for us is to point the caches at the rbl instance via unbound dns 
>static routes.
>> Thanks,
>> Max
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