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Graham S. Jarvis gsjarvis at
Tue Nov 7 16:07:54 UTC 2023

I do already have a server running but I don't think it's configured correctly - 
some domains are not scanned (Header - "Not scanned: please contact your 
Internet E-Mail Service Provider for details") etc. and as far as I can see the 
rules are OK.

I "just" need someone to help me so that I can take over and do the next server 
change (upgrade) myself ;)



Tracy Greggs via MailScanner wrote on 07/11/2023 16:17:
> I would spin up a VM and do it yourself. If you can do it in-house then you 
> will be much better off in the long run and not dependent on anyone else  if 
> you get in a bind.
> Beyond that, if you can't get it done in-house, there is probably someone on 
> this list that has the time to help you with it.
> Best wishes
> Tracy
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>> Hello,
>> if this isn't the place to post this sort of question - apologies, I didn't 
>> want to have to create an account on all the freelance marketplace websites ;) !
>> I'm looking for someone to upgrade, (re)install if necessary and configure a 
>> MailScanner mail hub server (spamassassin, mailwatch, etc.) running FreeBSD 
>> (FreeBSD 12.4-RELEASE-p6 GENERIC).
>> Any suggestions ?
>> Thanks,
>> -Graham S. JARVIS-
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