Linux Distros - was: Bypass host from mailscanner

Valentin Laskov it at
Wed Feb 17 08:37:52 UTC 2021

Hi all,

Sendmail, MailScanner and others are running nice on Slackware 14.2 - a 
very stable (no systemd :) ) Linux distro.
I'm using Cyrus IMAP
If someone decide to try, be warned :) : this is like a LEGO. Most of 
things you must do yourself. is a good place for making packages


На 17.02.2021 в 04:46, Paul Scott написа:
> Just an FYI.  I just got through downloading and installing Fedora Server 33, and it installs and runs exactly the same as CentOS 7 or 8.
> I will next try to install Sendmail and Mailscanner, along with DoveCot and then fire up several hundred domains under bind and see how things go.
> Will let you know how it all goes.  Thank you!
> Paul Scott

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