Viewing archived email - is there a way or a script to search and view the archive?

Shawn Iverson shawniverson at
Mon Aug 16 16:14:35 UTC 2021

Tried MailWatch?

I'm not sure it will look in the archive, though, but if not, it could 
be a feature request.

On 8/16/21 11:16 AM, mailscanner at wrote:
> Hi list!
> Google didn't help me much but as the archive option has been in 
> MailScanner for quite a while, I guess other people must have looked 
> at this.
> I am runng Ubuntu 20.04 + postfix + MailScanner and using the archive 
> option to retain all in+outbound email. The email gets stored in
> the form of a file, i.e. :
> /var/spool/MailScanner/archive/20210812/1912312116B.ABDE5
> Is there any way to make the archive searchable either by text or 
> email addresses mail was sent/to from? Doing grep and then postcat on 
> each file works but becomes cumbersome if search criterium is wide and 
> there are a lot of hits.
> Google brought me a lot of hits on finding stuff in the postfix queue 
> and then doing something with that but very little on an archive.
> Thanks! Remco

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