HTML disarm method

Shawn Iverson shawniverson at
Sat Aug 14 10:17:38 UTC 2021

On 8/13/21 7:17 AM, Muhammad Hazwan Bin Abdul Rahman wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to disarm HTML a-tag using regex search and replace 
> utilizing MailScanner
> However, I'm currently blocked by the used of the custom parameter 
> itself.
> 1. How do I pass custom(parameter)? Any example? Reason is I want this 
> custom to run only during message score is spam.

Here's an example of passing "spam" or "notspam" as a parameter.

> 2. How do I know my custom logic is running? via Maillog too general 
> to tell.
> Log example:
>  MailScanner[XXXX]: Spam Actions: message XXXXXX.XXXX actions are 
> custom,deliver,header

You will want to add logging logic to your yourself.

> 3. How do I access the content of the email itself, many of the .pm 
> file are focus more to header part , was this correct "$message"? or I 
> need to point to something? Any place where I can refer for all this 
> information?
> Thanks
Again, take look at the sample above, specifically the 
CustomAction sub.

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