Found x messages in the Processing Attempts Database

PenguinWhispererThe . th3penguinwhisperer at
Sun Sep 22 21:05:19 UTC 2019

Hi all,

After an update of my mailserver I had a permission issue.
I've corrected it but while troubleshooting I also noticed this message:
"Found 20 messages in the Processing Attempts Database".

Googling this doesn't bring any useful results. (matching messages but the
counter is at 0 so not what I'm looking for)

My mail seems to be delivered again however I was wondering if this is a
Where can I find these messages? Are these generally "suspicious" emails

I've also seen a  message about a mail that made mailscanner crash to much.
I've deleted that message after short investigation. But that was only one
message that was being mentioned.

What's would be the best way to investigate these mails? Where can I find
them and ideally see a reason why these are in the processing db?

Thanks in advance.
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