Sophos and encrypted files

Danita Zanre danita at
Tue Nov 19 19:28:47 UTC 2019

Well, I'm not apparently not even getting it to work properly in the 
virus.scanning.rules file - I've put this:

From:            user at      no
FromOrTo:    default                            yes

And files from user at are still scanned.  Is this not the 
proper syntax for that file?



Mark Sapiro wrote on 11/19/19 8:01 PM:
> On 11/19/19 10:12 AM, Danita Zanre wrote:
>> Mail has been flowing here fairly well, but I'm having a lot of trouble
>> with encrypted files (password protected PDFs, xlsx files etc) being
>> blocked.  I can allow specific senders in the virus.scanning.rules.  Is
>> there a way for me to bypass specific types of encrypted files for
>> specific recipients?  I'm not finding that!
> You can create rule sets for "Allow Password-Protected Archives", "Allow
> Filenames" and/or "Allow Filetypes". Some combination of these may allow
> you to do what you want.

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