Mail from Outside our Domain not Stored

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> Please describe the network layout between:
>  - clients sending & receiving mail
>  - the "mail gateway" running sendmail and MailScanner
>  - the Zimbra server
>  - the Internet connection
> What's most important is to explain the route email takes:
> 1 - from a client, via MailScanner, to the outside world
> Our client email touches the following systems in this order:
> Zimbra -> sendmail -> MailScanner -> internet gateway or quarantine

Okay, that matches what I see in the headers of your email to this list.

> 2 - from the outside world, via MailScanner, to the client
> Internet gateway -> sendmail -> MailScanner -> Zimbra or quarantine

Could you perhaps paste the full headers of this reply to you, as you receive 
it from the list, so we can see the flow you describe?



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