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On Tuesday 11 June 2019 at 21:36:22, Lamar Milligan via MailScanner wrote:

> Email from outside our domain are not stored in the quarantine folders. 
> If email originates from our domain it is processed as expected, both 
> stored and delivered to recipients.  MailScanner runs on a mail 
> gateway running sendmail.  All users have entries in the /etc/aliases 
> file that actually delivers email to accounts on our Zimbra server.  I 
> suspect that is the reason for this behavior, but would really 
> appreciate input from others.

Please describe the network layout between:

 - clients sending & receiving mail
 - the "mail gateway" running sendmail and MailScanner
 - the Zimbra server
 - the Internet connection

What's most important is to explain the route email takes:

1 - from a client, via MailScanner, to the outside world

Our client email touches the following systems in this order:

Zimbra -> sendmail -> MailScanner -> internet gateway or quarantine

2 - from the outside world, via MailScanner, to the client

Internet gateway -> sendmail -> MailScanner -> Zimbra or quarantine

If the email originated from our clients, the message is stored and can be
viewed or released from within MailWatch (1.2.9)

If the email originated from outside our domain, the message is logged in
MailWatch, but cannot be viewed or released.  I searched the quarantine
folder for the message ID and found nothing stored.



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