Redelivering mail from archive (mbox format? to Maildir)

Mark Sapiro mark at
Tue Jun 11 21:03:20 UTC 2019

On 6/11/19 1:12 PM, PenguinWhispererThe . wrote:
> The E124D.... mentioned earlier is not a directory though, it's a file.
> The file utility says it's "data". And it's located in a directory YYYYMMDD.
> I thought I had a lead that the format is mbx so installed mbx2mbox but
> I got an error that this is not an mbx or dbx file.
> Content starts with:
> C_         933942             725               1               0      
>    933942
> If anyone would recognize this format or what format Mailscanner is
> using for it's format that would be great.

I'm not certain from that one line, but it could be a Postfix queue file
in which case you should be able to just move or copy it to
/var/spool/postfix/incoming/ after ensuring its ownership and mode are
such that Postfix can read it.

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