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Just like Mark said, the original subject didn't encode properly following the rfc. This kind of email is mostly AD.
Thunderbird can "guess" the local language you're using, but outlook can't. Outlook treats the unidentifiable subject as en and it's normal.

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On 6/6/19 4:19 PM, jeff chen wrote:
> I don’t think it outlook problem . because it display correct charset if
> we send utf8 mail from thunderbird to outlook. I think it may subject
> encode problem. Pls see blow have 2 different result.
> 2.Thunderbird send mail contect. Thunder and outlook got right subject
> charset both.
> Subject:
>  =?UTF-8?B?e1NwYW0gbm90IGRlbGl2ZXJlZH0g5byV6YCy6Zyn56uv6YGL566X5p62?=
>  =?UTF-8?B?5qeL77yMUUNETuaPkOS+m+abtOS+v+WunOeahENETuS9v+eUqOiyu+eOhw==?=

That is a valid rfc2047 encoded header which decodes to

{Spam not delivered} 引進霧端運算架構,QCDN提供更便宜的CDN使用費率

If Outlook does not display it correctly, that's an Outlook issue.

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