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Philip Parsons pparsons at
Mon Jul 8 18:27:39 UTC 2019

Yes stuck in the queue and retry over again and again.

They messages subject line has nothing except txt for the most part, some times a couple of special characters, Will look at the link..

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Stuck in the processing queue and being retried over and over again?

What does the subject look like in the raw queue file?

There is a WordDecoder fix that may be applicable here that is in testing:

On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 12:31 PM Philip Parsons <pparsons at<mailto:pparsons at>> wrote:
Going to try this again as I cannot be the only one..

Ubuntu 18

Mailscanner 5.1.3

I keep getting Problem messages it’s a low volume mailscanner 3000 messages a day.

I have gone through a bunch of items suggested to no avail.

Keep getting

Currently being processed:

Number of messages: 1

Tries      Message              Next Try At

=====   =======              ===========

4              x6835eQP041560              Sun Jul  7 20:22:10 2019

Has anyone fixed this before.  The messages that it gets hung up on are all different and most are absolutely nothing but TXT

Thank you.
Philip Parsons

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