Virus Scanner Rules to disable a specific virus scanner per ip/domain

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Tue Jan 29 16:08:09 UTC 2019

Hey, thanks for your answer.

But turn this key "Virus Scanning = FILESET-RULE" would turn off both, clamdscan + f-secure, right? There only the possibility virusscan yes/no?
I would like to disable only clamdscan for specific domains, but keep enabled f-secure for them.

Is that possible?

Lot regards

	this is the key (in MailScanner.conf): 

	# If you want to be able to switch scanning on/off for different users or
# different domains, set this to the filename of a ruleset.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Virus Scanning = yesRegards
Valentin Laskov
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